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Nov 17, 2013
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My IH came fitted with Continental Conti Van Contact 100 tyres which I have been running at 65 psi rear and 60 psi front, van is plated at 4250 kg and laden usually runs at 3800/3900kgs. Having had it weighed I sent off the weights to the very helpful technical team at Continental who returned the following pressures. I was surprised how low the recommended pressures are but I am going to give them a go, I’ll trust the experts!

Posted here in case helpful to other members.

Continental reply.

225/75 R 16 C 118/116R.

Front Axle: 1800 Kg - 3.25 bar/ 47.1 psi (maximum weight for pressure given= 1800kg)

Rear Axle:(single fitment)2000 Kg - 3.75 bar/ 54.4 psi (maximum weight for pressure given= 2015kg)

Rear Axle:(twinned fitment)2000 Kg - 3.0 bar/ 43.5 psi (maximum weight for pressure given= 3195kg)

(*C- Van) (Single fitment (S) = two wheels per axle, Twinned fitment (T) = four (or more) wheels per axle)

I have included the chart for these specific tyres to help with pressure vs. load if you require to change the weight.

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