Classifieds Is Up


Jul 19, 2007
Sutton on Sea, UK
Funster No
C Class Diesel RV
Since 1988
The Classified Section is now up and running. If you are a member you can advertise anything legal that is yours to sell, free of charge.

This classified section not just another forum like on many sites, it is a sophisicated system that can allow straight sales, auctions, reserve prices and even has an ebay style feedback system so you can see if the person you are buying from or selling to is trustworthy.

If you are desperate to sell an item then I am sure that EBAY is your best bet, but.... even before we are open we are getting over 250 unique visitors a day and motorhomes are what we all have in common, so if your sale or intended purchase is motorhome related then our classifieds section may prove to be a winner ::bigsmile:

If you are a dealer there will be a small listing charge. Do not advertise anything as a dealer without checking in with me. :wub:

The classified menu button is up top between Blog and Calendar. or you can just click here.