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Discussion in 'The Beginner' started by Peterf, Jun 12, 2012.

  1. Peterf


    Jun 7, 2012
    Having caravanned for many years we are looking for our first MH.
    We recognise that compromises have to be made.
    We want as big as poss inside and as small as poss outside for all the obvious reasons.
    We are attracted to 1999 Hymer B564 with Fiat 2.5 and 2000 Pilote Galaxy 270 with Boxer 2.5 both about £20,000.
    Although there are only 2 of us we need 4 belted seats to be able to carry our 2 young grandchildren from time to time.
    Any advice would be welcome. Any particular problems with these 2 vans or any others we might consider either A class or low profile preferred.
  2. normanandsue

    normanandsue Funster

    Dec 31, 2010
    Dunfermline - Scotland
    Hi you seem to have made a good start in your search for your first motorhome. Space is always the key to enjoying your motorhome and having grandchildren ourselves we know having belted seats is a must.

    The A class will suply you with plenty of room and either of the two models you have mentioned are of good quality and reliability; the later models appear to lose some of their quality. The Fiat Ducato and the Peugeot Boxer engines are virutally if not the same engine and both have been tried, tested and reliable engines for motorhomes. Having suffered the problems of an underpowered motorhome I would tend to go for the 2.8 rather than the 2.5 engine if there is a choice.

    The only problems you will have with either of these models is how the previous owners have used/abused them, make sure you examine your mh carefully and don't assume because you are buying from a dealer they will have discovered and rectified all the problems with your van. (That is unless you are buying from John Cross)
    Also a lot of dealers know little or nothing about engines so make sure you have a good look at the mecahnics and ask the $50 thousand question, "When was the cam belt changed?" Age is what is important here not mileage. the manuals will tell you to chnage at 60 - 70K miles or 5 years. As your mh will not usually do that sort of mileage in 5 years it will often need replaced on the time rather the mileage done.

    Happy hunting and let us know on Funsters what succes you have.

  3. Barclaybasher

    Barclaybasher Funster

    Apr 13, 2012
    Buying a motorhome - ebay

    I posted this on a members only thread:

    I came accross many of these scams on ebay last year when I was looking for a MH.
    The common factors were: usually half price, contact by email (in the description) - not through messages on ebay.

    Most did not give a contact phone number. The item was always a distance away with 'free delivery'

    Many were on 'hijacked' genuine ebay sites with high feedback - selling anything from perfume, clothes, nothing to do with motorhomes.

    Some of the ads changed pages within a few seconds to change the item number, preventing you reporting the scam to ebay.

    When I was looking I always searched 'newly listed' and if I saw one of these scam ads I kept reporting them to ebay - became a bit of an obsession

    Always check items for sale by the seller - one of these scam MH ads was offering 3 very shiny tractors for sale - very cheap.

    Most people want a bargain and the risk of missing it makes people act rashly, so bear that in mind for whatever you buy on the internet.

    I did buy my MH after seeing on ebay, but not before seeing the actual MH

    Good luck to anyone buying a MH - ebay is great for seeing whats on offer and comparing prices - just don't bid on anything without viewing.
  4. HymerB544

    HymerB544 Funster

    Apr 25, 2012
    Near Truro, Cornwall
    first motorhome

    Hello Peter,

    We are on our third MH, having had a four berth overcab, a two berth low profile and now on a four berth A class Hymer. Wish I'd taken as much care as you seem to be doing, and if I had, we'd be on the Hymer from the off. they are extremely well built and accepting that nothing retains full value, they do hold theirs very well in comparison to others. Ours is nearly six years old but looks and feels like new. And I would echo what another funster said about cambelts: it's the age not the mileage.

    Bought ours from a family-run Hymer dealer about 50 miles from where we live [Edgehill Motorohomes in Mansfield] and they have a really good stock of vans, as well as providing first class customer service.

    Happy hunting!


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