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Feb 7, 2021
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Hi there,

When I'm not camped up in a remote spot in my Nissan primatstar van conversion, for my sins I run a children's charity who are looking to find a 'residency' or other similar arrangement with a landowner or a camping/glamping site within an hour or two of London. We wondered whether any site owners on here might have potential links/contacts/advice?

Essentially we take some of the most underprivileged children in London out into nature and use the time there to have adventures, build confidence, and help them believe they can acheive more than they had thought. Think campfires, nightwalks through the woods, and as much time as possible spent having adventures outdoors for kids who would otherwise have no access to any of this.

We're looking to take on a lease arrangement of some form, either year round or possibly April-October each year, on land where over time we could develop a demountable log cabin/yurt style base for our projects. This might be undeveloped land, or might be an existing/part of an already operating campsite/glamping site. Perhaps someone has a field which doesn't make sense to develop yourself but which you'd be happy to make some steady rental income from whilst doing a great thing for some very needy kids?

If anyone out there is interested in a conversation along these lines, or knows someone who might be, we'd love to hear from you - please do drop me a line at mike at

Happy adventures all.
Mar 23, 2012
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It sounds like you do good work although our sons went to a scout group that did exactly that and had a way of making anonymous donations to fund places for kids who couldn't pay themselves. They have all the infrastructure in place. It was quite a few years ago I might get in touch to see how they're doing.


Dec 2, 2009
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Not what you have asked, but it may be of interest to you for camping weekends, etc., for the children.... Paddington Farm, in Glastonbury.

They are an organic farm and allow only few campers but have a field especially set aside to help children experience the countryside... ... They are amazing with children and child organisations and have a fire pit, music, marquees, etc., at various times.... basic but wonderful atmosphere and lovely, warm people.

(If you do go ahead please mention Joy, me.. and her little grandaughter Eden... I so miss Paddington and hope they will consider letting me have a stay there once covid is over. ) thank you.

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