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Aug 20, 2007
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Hi there guys n gals -

I guess many of you will have new or newish MH's and get your dealer/a garage do your vehicle servicing.

But for those of you with older chuggers who do service them yourself.......don't forget that from time to time you should change your gearbox oil as well as your engine oil.

I've just changed the gearbox oil on our old-dog-of-a-van (1992 EuraMobil on Peugeot J5 2.5 litre non-turbo deisel). Previous owner said it had been done shortly before we bought it from him about 9 months ago. No way!!
Van has done just short of 100k miles, and from the state of the stuff that drained out, I don't think it has ever been changed in the van's entire life.
It was so grotty that I had to change it twice (fill with new gearbox oil, run for a while, then drain that and re-fill again). Also the oil level is actually where it should be, rather than half empty (it's a bugger to check the gearbox oil level on these engines, but it really should be done from time to time 'cos if it gets too low, 5th gear can get starved of lubrication).

One other thing that I added (I've used it many times before) is "Slick 50" gearbox oil additive.
IMHO it's a fantastic product and really does what it says on the box................. the difference now really is substantial: van is quieter, gearchanges are much easier and much smoother.

Well worth the effort!


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Haven't seen you for a while BGD......good to have you back :winky:

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