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Jun 5, 2018
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My leisure batteries are 2 x 100-Ah lithium. Yesterday, after ten days of sunshine which had maintained the display panel reading at 13.2-13.3 v, and then 2-3 more days during which it dropped to 12.8, I used EHU - for the first time ever - for about 12 hours. After this, the voltage had risen to 14.5. Then it fell back to 13.6, and after some further time, to 13.2, which is where it's at now, after one more night (without further EHU).

Is this pattern normal?? I'd expected it to stay at 13.6 and then, in the absence of sunshine for the solar, or further EHU, or a long run, to maybe creep back down. maybe, to 12.8 again.

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