Calling All Newbies & Funsters Attending Meets & Rallies For The First Time! Helpful info. here...


Oct 28, 2013
SW England
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Know that there are a lot of lovely new Funsters or long term Funsters new to attending meets & rallies who have booked or may be considering these this year so, with us having attended & organised quite a few of these now :blusher:, here's a few tips that may help & sure some others will be along to post more suggestions soon too!

Where & When?
How a look at both the calendar under Rallies but also click on "Watch" (just above the blue bar) on Scheduled Rallies & Rally Planning Discussion & Chat to be alerted when new threads or posts are added.
Sometimes even the most experienced members miss out on some of these as they didn't spot them in time.

Book Early If You Can
If you can book early then as well as being more likely to secure a place you may be able to take advantage of early booking offers or discounts too. In our experience it helps us to negotiate preferential terms for Funsters for new & repeat meets if many book early.

Watch The First Post
If you click on "Watch" for a meet or rally thread then you are alerted to new posts & for some of these threads the first post is kept updated not only with a list of who has booked but also any important or useful info. so always good to keep an eye on that.

Fun Sticker & Window Name Plate
If you don't already have a Fun sticker then suggest requesting one by sending a stamped addressed envelope to:
Motorhomefun STICKER
Jasmin Lodge
Crabtree Lane
Sutton on Sea
LN12 2RS
If you stick this in your windscreen other Funsters will acknowledge you no matter where you are :) It's also helpful to have one of these or this one to put in your window - we have "Wombles - Alan & Karen" on ours which we have laminated for meets & rallies.

Always Ask
If you are unsure about what to expect on a meet or rally (they are all different which is what makes them so good (y) ), whether it will suit you or your requirements then post on the thread or PM ( Private Message by clicking on avatar & Start Conversation) the organiser but please be patient as we are all volunteers so there may be delays at times in getting back to you due to being on our travels, work or family commitments. Once there just ask the organisers or marshals if you have any concerns & if we can't help we can find someone who can.

Do Your Thing!
It's your break so do what makes you happy - join in if you wish with friendly (socially distanced for now) chats but no pressure to do this. Some go fishing, read or catch up on favourite tv programmes, others go walking, cycling, canoeing, sightseeing, shopping or attend shows or festivals. Being camped with Funsters just makes all of these a bit better :smiley:
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