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    Hi there everyone-- a merry christmas to you all!!

    We are thinking of 2013 and our trips, and am looking at my motorhome insurance set up!

    Now for BREAKDOWN cover we have always used the c/club red pennant service, and have used it ONCE in 2011, when the motorhome suddenly stopped on the motorway between salamanca and the portugese coast, it was on a saturday afternoon. red pennant were BRILLIANT, and so were the portugese recovery and garage the van was taken to---plugged in the bosch diagnostic tester and he presto---DIESEL PRESSURE valve had packed up---no problem---new one obtained and fitted, and we were on our way inside 2 hours!!!!

    BUT, we think this insurance for annual multi trip cover ( 6-8 weeks in spring, and 2 months in the autumn abroad, as well as shorter uk trips ) is becoming expensive compared to others we have seen.

    We insure the motorhome through the c/club as well.

    Annual insurance last year was £190, and red pennant £230!

    We have looked at COMFORT insurance who seem to offer an all round package---DOES ANYONE KNOW if this is OK?

    Can anyone reccommend another GOOD all round cover that woudl cover all eventualities as the red pennant does
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    Safeguard, I paid an extra £80 for AA European Breakdown, and they were brilliant when we broke down (flywheel) in France this year, sent van back to UK, gave us a hire car to finish our hols and paid hotel expenses (£800) Even arranged a UK car to swap over at Calais to drive home in. Altogether i reckon we must have had nearly £2k of value out of that £80. :thumb::thumb:


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