BritStopless Update - Day 9

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Apr 5, 2013
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Thank you fellow Funsters for showing an interest in our adventures, it's really kind of you all to post such nice words.

We've arrived at Scott Farm campsite (, it's one of our favourite places to stay, mainly because it's so easy for us to get too and such an easy journey. When we're at home we simply pop onto the M3 at J5 and head South. We then join the M27 heading East and follow it until you join the A27, which is all dual carriageway and a nice road to drive. It's then straight over at the first roundabout, 200 mts to the next roundabout where you turn right and follow the signs to East Wittering, simples :)

The campsite is only a 5 min walk to the seafront and beach and 2 mins from a lovely small high street and parade of shops. You've everything there that you'd need, including a butchers, fishmonger, greengrocers, bank etc, plus a shop that you can buy the kiddies their buckets and spades too.

We got here about 1730hrs and were booked in and on hookup within 15 mins, finding a nice spot where we know we'll catch the sunshine until late in the evening. I don't know about you, but it feels good to finally get an EHU plugged in, then you know the fridge is on, the water heater is doing it's job and everything's getting charged up again.

I remembered to plug in the mobility scooter so that we had full battery power today. We'd need it as we'll do our usual walk around (well I will, while Di's on the scooter) and say hi to everyone we know in the town, grab a coffee and lunch and hopefully get to the beach too. We're planning on putting together a shopping list for items such as a de-scaler for the coffee machine, a padded envelope so we can post off a friends b/day present and some plastic wood for the bathroom door as the previous owners did such a poor job of repairing the towel rail screwed to the back. It's been a really nice day, loads of sunshine, a bit of a busy journey along the coastline to get here, but who cares as life's short and happy and we're enjoying the trip.

We both slept really well and woke up to a scorcher of a day. You could feel the heat coming through the blinds, which makes getting up all the happier. We go through our normal morning routine, with me getting the coffee or teas made, which we have sitting up in bed chatting about all sorts of rubbish. I usually do my best to crack Di up first thing. I succeed 9/10 and we have a complete giggle, before Di showers and goes through her morning routine. It's never easy for her to shower and wash her hair, but she doesn't complain and I let her get on with it all as she likes the independence. While she's in the shower I usually get all her clothes out that she needs, set up the table with a mirror, hair drier, brush etc. I then help her dress as it's less tiring for her. She can do it by herself, but it exhausts her, so easier that I help.

After we're both done and ready for the day ahead, I haul the scooter out. While it's a brilliant piece of kit, it's a bulky weight to lift out from under the bed, especially as I'm not 100% myself yet, but it's out and set up in a few mins and off we go.

We had to pop into the local doctors surgery as poor Di had developed an ear infection and we know how bad they can be. Might be as a result of the trial medicine, or it may just be an infection, but the medical centre were very good and after filling in the relevant forms, a doctor called us on the mobile for a chat and Di has an appointment with nurse Norma at 1045hrs. I'm sure they'll prescribe her some Amoxicillin (forgive the spelling) as an antibiotic which should clear any infection she's got.

Popped into the Surf Side cafė for our lunch and say hi to everyone. It's then that I got a message saying that one of my soldiers had volunteered to fill a post in Cyprus and was I happy to let him go. A quick call to camp and soon sorted that out and he's now not going as I don't have the capacity to let him go. It was only a 4 month tour, so he can apply on the next round of volunteers if he's still interested as then I'll have had more soldiers posted into me to fill the gaps that I have at the moment. He's the only continuity I have for training at this time. Dam redundancy, you wouldn't believe how many good soldiers were forced out against their will. Shame as they were all trained and highly qualified men and just thrown to one side by the Government. I was on the "at risk" register for redundancy myself for 2 years, but I was lucky not to be selected. You wouldn't believe the worry you live with. There were poor guys who wanted nothing more than to keep serving and wanted to get a mortgage or buy a car, but couldn't as they had to have their lives and those of their family on hold while the powers that be pondered over our future. As a result were all suffering from manpower shortages, gapped posts, over stretched soldiers and stressed out families. I have both of my nephews serving in my Corps. I remember the day I told them both, "join up as you'll never be redundant and you'll have a fantastic pension at the end of it". Poor lads have spent years waiting to see if they would be made redundant too and now they've messed the pension up, so it's nothing like the old package. It's a shame the Government keeps liking us to the civilian sector. The Forces are nothing like their civilian counterparts and should never be gauged along side them, but some loonies think it's safe to reduce the numbers like they have. Rant over :)

Managed to get all the shopping we wanted, including the plastic wood, so I've a job to do at some stage. Posted the present and cards and even found the de-scaler so we headed to the beach and Di fell asleep in the sunshine. I always pack towels, sun cream, water etc and even packed bed roll mats to lay on as the first 20 mts of the beach is those large pebbles so the roll mats made it more comfy to lay on. Di soon fell asleep for a few hours, but I made sure she didn't burn :)

We took a trip through one of the estates on the way back to the campsite. We like the area and there's a lot of lovely bungalows along the way. We did pass one of the public car parks and was really surprised to see a number of m/h's and caravans parked up on the grassed area. Looks like the travellers have moved in as there was washing out, the normal vans and pickups, washing lines, generators and even one lady with an extension lead running out of her m/h door while she did the ironing on the grassed area in her undies. I'm sure the residents will have something to say about it all. Hope there's no trouble to follow for the locals, which is unfortunately the way when this sort of thing happens in numbers.

Came home and had an outburst of energy, so cleaned all the alloys, the cab windows, the dirty streaks from the sides of the m/h, filled up with fresh water and then pulled out all the rugs and beat them to death. Di cleaned out the bathroom so now we're all sparkly clean and shiny.

It's another warm night and we're now watching TV with a glass of spritzer and a mug of tea. We're up and off to see the Nurse in the morning, then packing up and heading down to Dorchester to park on my brothers drive for the night. It's then off to Cornwall for the week and more adventures.

Sleep well Funsters.

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Sep 13, 2013
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Sounds a great trip, helped by amazing weather, you lucky things. The Witterings are one of my favourite places. I'm very fond of the tea rooms at Bosham. (Bit too fond of their cakes actually!)

If you are heading down to Cornwall, don't forget we are in Ilfracombe this weekend (see the rally thread), pop in for a drink or three.