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  • Hi Mousy,
    I hope you are still coming to Misterton if so can you please let me know when you will be arriving and also if you want the Hog Roast.
    Hi Mousy, I'd appreciate any recipes you can send me for Mr D's Cookpot. I've got one of the cookbooks but would appreciate anything else. I'm pleased so far and have just ordered the cake pan and trivet but won't get that until New Year when friends bring it to France for us. I'm itching to try making a cake.
    Lin (the female half is Scattycat)
    I thought I would say this on a p/m we know what you are saying. that's why we through agency . but well done. good to see .
    hi i have done it, thanks for the recomendation, hope you all ok after the wedding, tony,^_^
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