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    Aug 7, 2007
    Got mt reneal in from Greenflag,the full monty including personnal cover is £117.00 (both of us are disabled and wife does not drive,hence the cover) this only covers the UK.
    In October we were visiting friends in Germany and when out for a walk about in Essen saw an A.DA.C. Shop so we went in for a nosey, ending up talking to a lovely lady who told us all about their service,They are the largest breakdown company in Europe,they have their own fleet of trucks,planes,helicopters,vans and all are in bright yellow, easily seen,call centres are multi lingual and 24 hours.
    They have their own ambulance service ( should you require one) they cover none EEC countries plus Canada and USA !! When in Uk if you require assistance it is the RAC who attend.
    All of the above cost me 66 Euros !! that is for myself and the boss (wife) replacement car if required,chauffeur too, plus monthly magazine c/w multiple discounts.
    We are also cover whille a passenger in any car,something we were very happy about as our sons car broke down last month (Volvo S60 turbo knackered) from call to recovery only took 55 mins !!
    Best is the European coverage which is included, we are going to Greece in June sfe in the knowledge we are covered.

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