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    Dec 11, 2015
    I am an eBike retailer, I am not seeking to promote any product here, just passing on information about a major eBike component supplier.

    Not too sure how many of you are interested but we have just had the latest software updates through from Bosch, we have updated our showroom stock and offer a free update and diagnostic report to our customers, not sure if your supplying dealers are doing the same but you can always ask.

    The main point covered in the update is:
    Software update for drive units with software version
    To ensure that the odometer always provides error-free information, we recommend that you update the software of all drive units with software version to the current version ( using the diagnostic tool.

    The diagnostic tool also gives your dealer the opportunity to give you a print out with information about battery condition and your riding/battery charging patterns etc and you may be able to use this information to extend battery life, it could also pick up early signs of any issues with component wear or faults that can be easily fixed if caught early enough - maybe before the warranty expires....

    A bit of good news is that rrsp of genuine Bosch replacement batteries is being reduced by €100 in 2016.
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