Bentley Pit Disaster

Discussion in 'How To' started by Portland, Aug 20, 2014.

  1. Portland

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    Oct 31, 2013
    I have a souvenir in the form of a certificate issued by the king in 1931 with his message of condolence to the people of Bentley ( nr Doncaster). It is printed on crepe paper and lists the miners who lost their lives in the disaster and I wondered if any of the funsters had family members involved and could give me more info.
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    Apr 24, 2009
    There were many pit tragedies around that era, many in your local area, such as the Minnie at Halmer End where 155 men and boys lost there lives caused by a firedamp explosion.
    Here are a list of those killed at Bentley.

    Agnew, William, aged 34.
    Allsopp, aged 27.
    Atkinson, Charles, aged 37.
    Barcock, Albert Edward, aged 17.
    Beastall, Henry, aged 58.
    Bentley, George Robert, aged 46.
    Brett, John, aged 37.
    Brocklehurst, William, aged 45.
    Brown, John, aged 31.
    Buxton, Stanley, aged 28.
    Calladine, Albert, aged 31.
    Callaghan, John, aged 37.
    Cawood, Ernest, aged 50.
    Cheetham, Herbert, aged 30.
    Dove, Thomas aged 42.
    Farnsworth, William, aged 29.
    Grain, Joseph William, aged 35.
    Greaves, James Roland, aged 35.
    Green, Thomas, aged 42.
    Guy, Leonard, aged 34.
    Hayes, Clifford, aged 25.
    Hibbert, Alfred, aged 44.
    Hopkinson, Thomas, aged 33.
    Huckerby, Albert Edward, aged 29.
    Jones, Leonard, aged 24.
    Kirkland, Arthur, aged 44.
    Lawton, Harold, aged 31.
    Llewellyn, aged 47.
    Maloney, Daniel, aged 35.
    Mason, Samuel, aged 47.
    Middleton, Wilfred, aged 36.
    Peck, John Ernest, aged 34.
    Perry, Richard Thomas, aged 53.
    Pritchett, Joseph, aged 53.
    Pritchett, William, aged 47.
    Rowe, James, aged 56.
    Singleton, George, aged 29.
    Sleath, Lawrence Oliver, aged 27.
    Smith, John Hilton, aged 24.
    Templeman, Samuel William, aged 47.
    Womack, Henry, aged 44.
    Ward, William, aged 41.
    Willcox, Clifford, aged 25.
    Windle, Horace, aged ??

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