"Bagwell Farm meet" Our thanks...

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    Oct 16, 2008
    Haughton, Stafford..

    Firstly my grateful thanks to "John" (Bengie) for coming to the rescue of the "Pig Roast"...

    Had it not been for John offering his services and his machine, Saturday night Hog Roast may have only been a Mc.Donalds take away..

    We are truly grateful John... and from a new`ish member a fantastic offer of help and just shows the friendship of our club.. :thumb:

    Thanks to Larry & Win for the Soup... Bill & Shirl and Rosie for the gorgeous Gateu`s...:thumb:

    To all the other little helpers ie JP & Civita,, Larry & Win,, and numerous others who made this.. "I think", a great meet, even though the weather was against us...

    Thanks to all who attended the various get togethers... Cheese and Wine ... Soup gathering... Fish Bar-B-Q... and other get togethers...

    And Grateful thanks to all who donated to all of these get togethers.. To many to name individually... You know who you are...

    You are all a fantastic bunch of people and a pleasure to say I know you...

    It was good to see a few new members on their first RVOC meet, and hope we will see you all again..

    It was good to see a few "Funsters" turn up and join in with us.... :thumb:

    RayB182, Hilldweller,,Brisey.. One man & his .Doblo.. Drifterjof etc..

    At the end of the day, we all have the same thing in common.... Laughter... Drinking and enjoying ourselves.... The only difference is we do it better and with bigger "Motorhomes"... :winky::ROFLMAO:

    Lastly... I would like to say a huge "THANKYOU" for our Card and contents of the envelope... We expected this meet to have cost us and we were prepared for this... But your collection literally covered all the expense and Judy & I are truly grateful... And we were both overcome with the generosity of you all...

    Till we meet again Thankyou...

    Drive safely...

    Mo,Judy & Paul..

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    Mo, Judy and Paul, It sounds like you all had a wonderful time... I am so pleased all went well for you .... and so sad that I couldn't join you..... maybe next year if situation changes......

    I can't imagine it being anything else but brilliant with such lovely people organising it.... :thumb:
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