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    hi all and thanks for reading my previous tread asking for a talbot autohomes highlander for you all have probabley noticed iam new on here and very new to motorhoming full stop..........(that new in fact that i did not realise that it is not only the talbot autohomes highlander that has the layout that i want!!!) as i have now seen others that have the same/similar layout to what iam looking, with out confusing you all too much this is now what iam after...............................any rust free,leak/damp free ,reasonable mileaged,1991-92 deisel, rhd motorhome that has the kitchen and bathroom at the end, and with one long settee running down one side and two seperate seats with the table in the middle running down the other side, and the double bed over the cab, with the maximum length being 5.5/5.6m.
    if any one knows of one that may fit the bill at my already stretched budget of £7.5k then please let me know.

    ps, i was just it difficult to source second hand parts/ spares for the base vehicle??? do you always have to buy from main dealers??

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    Hello again
    Now you have broadened your search I'm sure finding a motor home will be that much easier, and hopefully a few will be along with names and model numbers to aid your search, parts for the base vehicles do not have to be bought from main dealers, there are many pattern part suppliers out there,motor homes generally use the same parts as the base vehicle Vans etc, used parts are also available but somewhat thinner on the ground there are specialist vehicle breakers out there too
    Good luck :thumb:
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    Hiya Tetleys,
    Two options spring immediately to mind that fit that layout, and may well be available (try Marquis among others) - these are the Autosleeper Amethyst, exactly the layout you describe, on a Ford Transit base (I recently traded a 1996 version - the newer version is longer); and then there's the Autosleeper Talisman, also of that layout, on a Peugeot base - for some reason it's just a tad higher. Autosleeper are fond of the 'monocoque' construction which gives a good solid habitation section built from fibreglass, and looks very good. The only reason we traded was we fancied a fixed bed (or more accurately we wanted to maintain some lounge space with the bed made up and we ended up with a fixed bed A-class). But whether you'll find one for sub £8k is moot. Oh yes and they are longer than you state (sorry)

    Happy hunting
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    thanks for your reply geo:thumb:
  5. tetleys

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    thanks for your reply john:thumb:

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