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Discussion in 'Auto-Trail' started by richard fuller, Nov 2, 2009.

  1. richard fuller

    richard fuller

    Aug 18, 2009
    Hi. I should like to share a few problems i have had with my new tracker and wondered if I am the only one? Firstly the vibration problem which has now been fixed and seems much better,its just a shame that fiat could not do it all in one go,we had to have the engine mounts changed in the first instance which helped but did not cure the problem and then have the clutch and bottom gear changed on the second visit which resulted in two 100 mile round journeys. We also have problems with the TV / reversing camera. firstly the Tv packed up completely for five weeks and then decided to work again. The reversing camera when switched on in the main panel drained the batterry even though the camera was not operational and therefore had to have a new battery. the fridge catch keeps failing,all the short L.E.D. lights have given problems and have several L.E.Ds broken,the door handle on the rear has broken which has left us having to use the front doors for a large portion of the summer as there seems to be a supply problem on these and the lights.Another problem we have is with the TV giving a high pitched sound and a low frequency buzz.It has been back twice for this problem which they have failed to fix.We seemto have spent most of the time since purchasing this vehicle making trips to the garage to have things fixed.Its about time that autotrail let their suppliers have a good range of spares so that problems could be fixed on the first visit. Come on Autotrail Get yourselves in gear after all you are selling one of the more expensive motorhomes on the market and we would expect you to improve your quality control an service.
  2. davejen

    davejen Funster

    Aug 21, 2008
    Hi, Richard, can't comment on some of your problems, but with the reversing camera I had a similar problem on my last m/h-I had wired the cameras direct to a live feed on the leisure battery not realising that they are transmitting even when the monitor is switched off- result- flat battery! BTW it is a wireless system ie. no wire from the cameras to the monitor, even though they need a 12v supply. I havenow wired them with a switch so it don't happen again.
    Not sure if this helps.
    Cheers, Dave

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