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Discussion in 'Auto-Trail' started by donna g, Nov 2, 2008.

  1. donna g

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    Sep 13, 2008
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    still searching for the ideal full timer mh, still trying to sell the yacht so i can do the full time mh thing instead. been looking at a dakota today - any good/bad points?
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    Aug 27, 2008
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    Gobowen near Oswestry !!
    bigger than you need !

    i used to skipper a 32 foot 6 berth boat out of Dartmouth many years ago, and was only happy with 4 persons on board ! i now own and live in a 6 berth auto-trail scout which is just big enough for two ! you need a kitchen (galley) at one end and the toilet (heads) in the middle and aft is a lounge (saloon) with views through 180 degrees. so you can leave all the washing up until later. (did you ever put the dishes in a string bag and leave over the side until the ocean did its bit !?) in other words get a MH bigger than you think you need, ideally, try the damn thing out before you part with any cash ! :helptitanic:
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    Apr 27, 2009
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    Cabopino in Spain till May 15

    This might be too late for you but anyway...

    we are going full yime next March and we spent a long time looking for the right wag. Eventually, we found an 02 Dakota with Merc engine last March. Its got a bike rack, top box, solar panel & double leisure battery. Its in great nick, done 17000 miles and cost us £25K from SMC in Newark --- they were great.

    We have never camped before - ever - and have been using the wag over the summer to train ouselves up. I have to say that we have had no problems at all. Rear bed is great & comfortable for my 6' & 16 stone. Heating works fine & in general has the perfect layout for us. Loads of storage space - room for everything we need including golf clubs, bikes, vino, chairs, tables, BBQ etc etc. And we are not overweight either. The van that is!!

    Engine goes a treat - only a 313 but zooms along. 24mpg.

    Couldn't recommend it an higher. Good luck.:thumb::thumb:


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