Auschwitz this weekend

Apr 27, 2015
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Hi all we are a family traveling to Auschwitz this weekend with 2 kids and a dog we are in a 5 tonne motorhome do i need to hire viatoll box or can i py cash / card on the toll roads, we are traveling from calais through dresden so i guess will enter PL on the A4, if viatoll is a must where can i get one
thanks all x
Mar 11, 2016
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Found this posted this year by @nicholsong
I can perhaps explain a little bit more about the current rules on the VIA Toll system.

It is a requirement for a vehicle over 3.5t to be equipped with a box which does deduct credit at gantries along the designated routes on the VIA TOLL map.

There is a confusion about the Toll roads that existed before the VIA Toll system, which were built by private companies and have the right to collect tolls. One example is the A4 running from the German border to Krakow and beyond. It has 3-4 sectins of toll where one takes a ticket and pays on exit.

To this has been added 2 lanes of VIA TOLL - normal lanes will not accept HGVs.

However the normal lanes for cars will accept 'Transits Vans' and anything that looks like it might be under 3.5t and I have never been asked any questions or inspected for weight.

I have heard, but not seen, the equivalent of VOSA checking, but not sure whether they are checking for trucks overweight or trying to catch a MH of MAM 3750kg for example - there are so few in Poland above that so might need 100 'stops' to catch one.

I understand that at present there is no connection between the Polish computers and DVLA, for which DVLA like to charge, although they could phone I suppose.

This is only my opinion but I suspect the authorities are taking a pragmatic view that the law was not designed to catch recreational/tourist MHs. But please do not ask me to pay your fine.


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