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  • Hi Sue
    Hope your well, sorry to see your not going to Stratford was looking forward to meeting up for a mardle!
    Have you stayed overnight near Stratford before the meet starts?
    All the best love Sue and Martin x
    thank you - keep in touch. If you find yourself going Santander to Portugal please message me. I will keep checking this website
    Theonlysue - Hi - Met you earlier today with my father and just wanted to say a big thank you for all the info and help you gave us. It was very informative. Regards Carla
    Hi Sue,
    We were with Bill/Kate and Carol/Eddie on Shell Island (brilliant couple of days). They mentioned about your B654 going to a dealer - which/where dealer is it please.
    Hope your enjoying your new 'home'.
    John and Diane.
    Hope you enjoyed Pembrey we are still in Tenby another week next Monday weather is brill lol richie Margaret xx
    Hi, weather is good here up at shewsbury! Off today to malvern.
    Mia has had a dodgy tummy for the last couple of days. Not sure what has caused it. She has been up since 2.30 this morning, so have I. She's gone back to sleep and I'm wide away lol
    Today by the way is 16th January Friday, looks like you will be arriving tomorrow. The weather here is cold and miserable so many are heading off to Safi on route further south and doing Marakesh on way back. X
    Hi, am at Le relais at marrakech. I was going to leave the phone at reception here for you to pick up. We are chasing the sun and it's not here at the moment.
    Really sorry about phone,was in canapus van when you went driving past so not sure what to do now? ?
    How is battery and cig lighter???
    Hi Sue we are on our way to you. Left half an hour ago. Are you leaving today ? Otherwise will pick phone up at reception when we arrive. Leisure battery still a prob, me thinks we will need a new one but elec last night so wasn't a problem. Weather all along coast until nearer Agadir very wet and Marakesh inland shows to be best for now. Jeanette x
    Hi hun, Are you gonna catch up with us today ? Two reasons be good to see you and 2nd I forgot to get my phone off you before we left. If you are not coming until tomorrow, take care driving !
    Hello theonlysue, no we have a Carthago chic and we ove it. Merry Xmas to you enjoy your day and lots of happiness 2015

    Colleen and Yaser
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