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ES Cumbrian

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Oct 10, 2014
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Hi all, have acquired a 2002 AT Cheyenne 634L and have a few questions that you my be able to answer.

1 Where do other owners fit a small waste bin there is none at present?

2 Passenger side cab area is lacking storage pockets any ideas?

3 Shower seems very restricted when shower curtain is wrapped round how do you use yours?

4 I have fitted a solar panel and one of those smart boxes to keep the engine battery charged from it this was connected across the split charge relay under the bonnet. I now will fit a NASA battery monitor unit in the seating area but need to find a connection for monitoring the engine battery voltage where can I get this connection without running all the way to the engine compartment? I presume there must be a relay somewhere that cuts off the domestic 12v when the engine is started this must have a feed from the engine battery or maybe the alternator how does this work and where is it?

Thanks Ed


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Aug 10, 2014
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I'm a newbie
Hello ED from Dorset this is one i put in a cupboard but there are cheeper ones and more expencive ones --as for the doors there are nets you can put on the door for storage --- I am only small so can use the shower if i wanted to not hubby we always use the camp site showers sorry can't be more help as for the rest someone will be along with a world of knowledge they are so helpfull on here, enjoy the rest of Christmas :xsmile::xThumb:
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