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Nov 30, 2017
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Driving through France on my return from Spain in February, my Boxer engine cut out suddenly and told me to stop safely. I noticed a hissing sound and a small spurt of liquid from the top of the radiator. Investigations showed there was no (or very little) coolant left in the system (there was no prior warning of this). I was only 5 miles from a Peugeot dealer so when the engine was cold I drove carefully there, but they couldn't even look at the vehicle for 4 days.
So I called my Nationwide breakdown service (that comes included in their Flexplus account) and in less than an hour they had towed me to a different (non-Peugeot) garage, where after a few hours they diagnosed that the radiator was leaking and needed replacing. They ordered a new one and within 2 days I was back on the road, although it had cost me 800 euros. I stayed 3 nights in a B&B while all this was happening.
On my return to the UK, I forwarded my B&B invoice to the Nationwide underwriters and I received a cheque for the full cost a few days later :).
The van is less than 3 years old so I also contacted Peugeot UK and, after a few emails and to-ing/fro-ing between the warranty dept and my local dealer, I returned the faulty radiator (yes, I brought it back with me!) to the dealer. A few weeks later and I've now received a cheque for the full cost of the radiator replacement :):).

So full marks to both Nationwide and to Peugeot for their warranty service, even with the work being carried out by a Renault dealer. I'm still puzzled though that there was no warning of the low level of coolant. Earlier in the trip the vehicle computer had 'told' me that the brake fluid was low (although it wasn't). Maybe the wires are crossed somewhere?


Sep 23, 2014
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Tis nice to hear that you got everything sorted out & even nicer to hear some praise being given out.
Shame that the rad blew in the first place but, as you've said "all's well that ends well".
Jan 22, 2012
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Its really nice to hear that insurance companies, dealers and manufacturers can be helpful. So much bad treatment from these has been recorded on these forums.

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