Advice please....picking up our Motorhome.

Discussion in 'The Beginner' started by Sweeney-todds, May 20, 2009.

  1. Sweeney-todds

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    Hi All.:Smile:

    VERY new to Motorhoming, this will be our first.:Eeek:

    We will be picking up our pre loved Autosleeper Rienza on Sunday from our dealer, who have a great reputation, and have been very helpfull.

    Anual Habitation checks......when these checks are carried out by a proffessional, should you receive a certifcate of validation?

    Any tips you can offer us when we pick up the Van would be appreciated.:thumb:

    Bill and Lorraine:Smile:
  2. Wildman

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    May 30, 2008
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    Ilfracombe, Devon
    if you want anything in writting you should get it you are the one paying other wise I will post you a habitation check half price, hee hee. As to picking up the motorhome, all the answers as to what to check are in Jim's motorhome checklist. Do take a video camera with you for the hand over and have them run through every single switch and applience. There will be too much in one go for you to remember so a recording will hild all the answers, assuming you have asked the right questions. Don't be shy of asking how the loo works, or what you put in it, or how to empty it. how to charge the engine as well as the habitation battery when on hookup. where the inverter is if one is fitted, where all the fuses and RCD reset are. etc. All in the checklist, (the questions that is) Abouve all relax and enjoy the handover then get away for a weekend close to home so you can pop back for the bits you forgot. You did put the kids in didn't you, NO? Never mind we will get them tomorrow, hee hee.:Rofl1::Rofl1::Rofl1:
    bye the way you are not too far from Ilfracombe, op by some time and say hi.
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  3. strathspey

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    Hi Bill & Lorraine,

    Good luck with your new motorhome. I have had an Autosleeper Trident for the past 3 years and recently replaced it with a Hymer.
    With regard to the Habitation check, you should get a dated printout with all the relevent items ticked. Keep it with your Vehicle manual - it will be useful if you need subsequent work done and when you eventually sell the motorhome.
    Enjoy the hobby - there's nothing quite like it!
    Best wishes,
  4. Sweeney-todds

    Sweeney-todds Deleted User

    Hi Wildman.:Smile:

    Thanks for your help:thumb:
    I will defo have a look at Jims list.......where is it??:Rofl1:
    If we do pop over.....where is a good place to stay in Illfracombe?

    Bill & Lorraine
  5. Sweeney-todds

    Sweeney-todds Deleted User

    Hi Strathsbay:Smile:

    Thank you for your reply.
    I will ask for the print out when we pick her up:thumb:

    We love the layout of the Rienza, its open and nice and light inside, very roomy, and Ford based.
    But its still tend to wonder if you have chosen the right one......does everybody go through that uncertainty, or is it first home nerves:Rofl1::Doh:

    Bill & Lorraine.:Smile:
  6. pappajohn

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    YO11 2BD
    you'll find it here.....The Motorhome Checklist Book
    invaluable and worth every penny.:thumb: and it provides some funds to keep the forum going.
  7. Sweeney-todds

    Sweeney-todds Deleted User

    Hi Strathspay....and pappajohn.

    Thank you both for pointing us in the right direction.
    Have just ordered, and payed for Jims Checks List Book:thumb:

    Look forward to using it........just hope we can remember where we put it when it arrives:Rofl1::Rofl1::Rofl1:

    Bill and Lorraine:Smile:

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