Adria Sport upgraded to 3500 kg

Discussion in 'Adria' started by Box Boy, Mar 3, 2015.

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    Jul 3, 2014
    West Sussex
    I have a 2011 Sport S573 DS which has been upgraded by Adria pre delivery to 3500kg from the original Fiat base of 3250kg. Its a lovely van but a bit of a rough ride on some roads.
    The stated front axle load is now 1850kg and the rear 2000kg.
    On a visit to the weybridge with the van fully loaded (ie Fuel, water, provisions etc) the front axle weight was 1560kg and the rear 1550kg.
    My questions are;
    What did Adria do to the suspension to enable a higher load?, and
    What tyre presures should I have (ie bearing in mind the difference between capacity and expected load) with my Continental 215/70/15 cp 109 tyres?
    I have looked at the useful Tyre Information Item on our forum and it seems that lowering the tyre pressures to 60psi on front and rear might be suitable. Am I correct?(n)

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