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Oct 25, 2022
Infinity and beyond
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Burstner Lyseo I 726
A very long time
Finally in a new van after many months of waiting and disappointments. Ended up in a new Burstner A class on a Fist chassis. That’s a story for another day. All is fantastic with exception to the piss poor washers. They only reach about a quarter of the way up the screen. Is this standard and what do other funsters do to get a clean screen?
Aug 19, 2014
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A Class Burstner
Since 2014
My kit is not just the two nozzles like you buy on Amazon or eBay. I’ve designed and made it with everything you need to fit it. Nozzles (which are adjustable), Bulkhead adapter boss’s to fit in the old original nozzle holes, Piping, Piping clips, and instructions. You don’t need to go off searching for extra bits and bobs to make it work. The pipes I use are EPDM which is fully UV resistant so they should last a long time. All the 3D printed parts are made from ASA which is also fully UV resistant. If anyone is interested in a kit, just PM me. We are however in Spain at the moment, but will be back on the 10th March.

Stay Safe PaulandChrissy
Hi PaulandChrissy

Can you PM me details please.

Many thanks
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