2008 ducato intermittant wiper fault sorted

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    Oct 16, 2016
    Hi All,

    We have a few motor-homes that we run as a hire business. We recently developed an intermittent wiper fault on one of the vehicles reported by our hirer.

    The reported fault was that the wipers sometimes did not turn on or suddenly stopped for no reason, but would then started again minutes later. As we carried out tests, we found no fault, and the wipers worked as expected. We eventually found the problem while doing unrelated valeting work.

    Our finding.
    The wiper motor has a PCB that causes the intermittent problem. When it gets wet the wipers stop, as it drys the wipers start working again. As most repair work is done on vehicles either indoors or when its not raining it is hard to locate the problem. all electrical tests read correct.

    The problem turned out to be a simple water leak into the engine bay from the windscreen when it started raining or using the washers. The problem was the 2 part plastic molding that forms the gutter at the bottom of the windscreen had bowed slightly with age and had not been sealed when the new windscreen had been fitted. This allowed water to pass directly into the engine bay and onto the wiper motor electrics. Heat in the engine compartment dried the water that was getting in making it hard to find the problem.

    There is a small foam cover piece over the wiper motor to deflect water but this is too small and in the wrong place.

    Simple test, open the bonnet and hose the windscreen to apply plenty of water. If water is getting in to the engine compartment at all from the gutter, seal the bottom of the windscreen. you can feel the wiper motor and if it is wet you have your problem.

    The reason most vehicles don't have this problem is that the molding will be fitting correct and not letting water in, as we have found on our other vehicles.

    Hope this helps.


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