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Easier internet all over Europe! Tested and used by us in over 30 Countries.
Motorhome WiFi is owned and run by Sophie and Adam, together they have traveled more than 40,000 miles and visited over 30 countries in their motorhome.

Our iBoost System is our best selling WiFi booster that allows you to boost and share a remote WiFi connection with multiple devices.

If a WiFi connection is not...
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I have had various different pieces of kit from Adam at MotorhomeWiFi in my current and previous two motorhomes. They have all worked well and no lack of advice from Adam when required. (In fact using their kit now to post this from a small village in the North of Sweden - says it all)

Highly recommended!
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Great service from motorhomewifi when I was looking to get a 4G aerial for my motorhome. Even though I was potentially going to buy from elsewhere Adam and Sophie both gave me prompt and polite guidance. In the end due to the excellent customer service I bought from them and did not regret it.
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I have really struggled with poor wifi with my phone on Plusnet. I bought the 4G kit a couple of months ago and installed it myself. It was so easy and straighforward, with clear concise instructions. I haven't been away to try it out properly yet, but I am astounded that I have better wifi in the MH outside on the driveway than I have in the house!!! Well impressed so far. I went out last week to refill the gas and actually pulled into a lay-by to give it a test and found it was much quicker. I contacted Motorhome Wifi to check if I could use the Sky sim card from my phone as I have accumulated loads of data (I have data rollover) and would like to use it ou when away. I just have alter a couple of settings and it works a treat. Very impressed with their product knowledge and technical advice.
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Can a funster explain ..
.If I want TV. while off grid do I need a solar panel and ?? Can I buy a complete package to get me started.
Hi Sophie & Adam
we brought our first motorhome just before the second lockdown :rolleyes:
my husband is disabled due to a stroke and a tv is a must. We’re interested in travelling to southern Europe and want to watch uk tv while there, but I don’t think I want to go down the road of using my phones 4G what can you recommend please. All advise would be very welcomed.
many thanks bev
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Hello both,i am looking for wifi for my motorhome,please can you advise me?my name is Mark,and my tel number is 07860538966,
many thanks,

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