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Easier internet all over Europe! Tested and used by us in over 30 Countries.
Motorhome WiFi is owned and run by Sophie and Adam, together they have traveled more than 40,000 miles and visited over 30 countries in their motorhome.

Our iBoost System is our best selling WiFi booster that allows you to boost and share a remote WiFi connection with multiple devices.

If a WiFi connection is not available, an Internet connection can be achieved via the mobile 3G and 4G networks. We've made getting connected even easier with our 4G Packs. They come with everything you need to a make a tidy, temporary or permanent installation.

If you're not sure what you need, simply use the Contact Us page and let us know your requirements.

Here is just a sample of our Testimonials - click here to read over 250.

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I have really struggled with poor wifi with my phone on Plusnet. I bought the 4G kit a couple of months ago and installed it myself. It was so easy and straighforward, with clear concise instructions. I haven't been away to try it out properly yet, but I am astounded that I have better wifi in the MH outside on the driveway than I have in the house!!! Well impressed so far. I went out last week to refill the gas and actually pulled into a lay-by to give it a test and found it was much quicker. I contacted Motorhome Wifi to check if I could use the Sky sim card from my phone as I have accumulated loads of data (I have data rollover) and would like to use it ou when away. I just have alter a couple of settings and it works a treat. Very impressed with their product knowledge and technical advice.
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I ordered my pack two and with some trepidation proceeded to drill a hole in the roof of the motorhome I had just spent around £90,000.00 on. The roof aerial has the best possible seal (3M), The installation was painless, everything worked as it should, we bought this package so as to be in touch at home and abroad (we run a business of holiday cottages so need to be in touch at all times). The result? Fantastic, pitch where you like open the laptop, field emails, surf the internet, just pretend you are at home, cannot believe just how good this product is, no more wandering down to reception and hoping no one is looking over your shoulder,.
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I have a 4g mifi with roof mounted aerial which has proven to be a great bit of kit. Yesterday it wasn’t working and on inspection the battery was dead, after checking it appeared that the fixed power supply to the mifi has packed up and so I emailed Motorhomewifi explaining the problem and as I couldn’t recall when I purchased the kit, asking if it was still under warranty. I received a prompt reply from Adam advising that I had bought it back in 2016 (doesn’t time fly!) but that if I let him have my address, he would put a replacement in the post!!
Brilliant customer service

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How do we reply to questions? It isn't obvious so I suggest those posing questions just make a normal post on the Forum. :)
Considering putting mifi into campervan to improve reception. Looked at the 3G 4G outdoor antenna 2x2 mimo ts9 and aircard ac790 lte 4G router. My issue though is which sim. Currently on O2 but travel in lakes and highlands and reception on O2 is poor. Any sugestions folks on data only sim would be gratefully received.
Hi peeps, I use laptop and iPad in the moho, I have a huawei 5573, what’s the solution and how much ?
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