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    Oct 2, 2011
    Right , the falling down juice is flowing . I got up this morning and found rubbish all over our pitch and between us and our neighbour. They had a small MH and must have put the rubbish outside their door last night but the wind/animals had relocated it. They also had a bucket under their waste water that was over flowing. He decided to empty it. He just took it to the back of the pitch and poured it out. He noticed me watching so I shook my head in disapproval. As they were finishing packing up I went to get rid of our rubbish, at the bins. Usual chatting to people etc. when I got back I was asked why we had no electric. Upon investigating I found it off at the pole. Not tripped. It had been switched off. Not a lot I can do now but if we had gone out for the day and not noticed things might have gorn off. Not too bad for us but some people keep medication in fridges etc. thankfully he didn't have a Funster sticker.

    Flag has been getting a good airing today. I could see it from the top of Melrose Abbey:thumb:

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