Will independent garage void warranty?

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    Is there any way to legally get a caravan or motorhome serviced by a local repairer without voiding the warranty? My local motorhome repairer is not an authorised service centre, or an NCC approved dealership, but he is good, local and much cheaper. He says people ask him to do this type of annual service/habitation work every week, so if he could do it legally without invalidating their warranties, he would accept the work. I know that you are free to take your car to an independent garage for its servicing and repairs provided these are carried out in line with the manufacturer’s guidelines, so I'd like to know if this can be applied to caravans and motorhomes too. Any information, jargon or ideas on who I could contact about this would be great to pass on to him. I am new here. Thanks. Freecycleclip.:Smile:
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    Hi under European law you are able to take your vehicle to any garge for servicing without invalidating your warranty, but they must use either original or of the same quality parts, they must also follow the manufactiure's service schedule.You only have to take your vehicle back to the main agent for warranty work
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    Debatable really as there is legislation as regards manufacturers being bloody minded and forcing people people to go to Main Dealers etc.

    However with a MotorHome and servicing gas appliances etc the fitter does require certain qualifications if the appliance needs removal or servicing, on top of that when warranty rectifications are required the Dealer could become bloody minded and refuse to do warranty work.

    Many dealers will not even service vans not originally supplied by them, a rather short siighted view in my opinion but thats their problem.

    Your chap should get the required qualifications if he hasn't already and get NCC aproved.

    Me I have no axe to grind either way.


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    Thanks for you reply. Do you know the relevant section or article number for this European law, or where did you get the info from? I notice you said "vehicle to any garage", but does that apply to motorhomes I wonder?
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    My 06 Carioca 656 is serviced by a friend of mine and uses Fiat parts but fully synthetic oil. He is VAT registered, so the warranty is not affected.

    Just remember, Fiat do not make the filters or the oil. The filters are made by one of three manufacturers and branded Fiat. The oil is much the same and just branded Fiat.
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