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Feb 28, 2016
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Eldiss autoquest 175
Well it all started last summer, on the Mosel. We met a couple of fun club members, got chatting had a meal together as you do, ( we have the same m/h, anyway after seeing the mods P had done, the conversation got around to weights, P weighed my m/h as I thought I am over weight. Well after exchanging email addresses, off we went. Well we have kept in touch, and I have received a lot of advice.
So I have up- plated, well I needed air suspension, P offers to give me a hand to fit, if I go up, how could I refuse? Well it didn't stop there, air suspension, underslung gas tank, barbecue point, Led lights, new frame work for my electric step, extractor fans for my fridge, external led's for alarm, re strung my fly screen door, altered my heating ducts, gas gauge, fridge temp gauge, gave me a template for work top extension. All in a week! My gas tank is in a frame all made by Paul, this post is what have done this week, well it should be called what has Paul done this week.
The hospitality shown to me this week, and the work that Paul has done for me, goes far beyond anything I would ever have believed. So I would like to say a big thank you to Paul & Yvette, Two on tour, and thankyou to Motorhome fun for making it possible for me too meet Paul & Yvette.
Oct 29, 2016
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Hi @Tinker2 , as soon as you mentioned the P letter, and The mosel last year, plus all the mods, I guessed it was Paul.
Yes smashin chap isnt he:)(y) I suppose you will be going back up as you haven't mentioned fitting the Stirling B2B, Solar Panels with Victron Energy Smart Regulator, a Stirling Inverter with its own socket for the OH hairdryer....never mind you will get there I am sure.:D
Give him & Yvette our best when you see him next(y)
Les & TinaL
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