Venice (Punta Sabbioni)

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    Spent a few days at Punta Sabbioni on our recent tour. There is FOC 24hrs parking that is 200m from the beach there. We asked the local beach attendant if we could stay another night and as it was 90% empty it was no issue. On the beach, free of charge and close enough to town to get some shopping on the bike:thumb:

    You can take the sea taxi from Punta Sabbioni port into Venice that takes around 30mins at €7 p/adult, dogs are free although they asked that they are muzzled, we used some scarfs and that did the trick. You need to pay to use the parking at the port car park although this did allow us to use the loos to empty out the cassette and also the parking ticket allows you to stay overnight.

    The beach is dog free although this is Italy and it seems rules are only there to be broken, we were the only muppets to stay off the beach with our dogs and then we did as others and let them have a good run and a swim. Nice beach with cafe and it has token payable showers which did help after a few days of beach dwelling, walking around Venice etc.

    Overall a pretty good place to go:thumb:

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