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Discussion in 'Hobbies' started by Wildbill, Nov 16, 2017.

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    Nov 18, 2011
    OK this will confirm my madness the wee-man was at rugby training tonight when the coach say to the kids that thay have touch ruby for all ages.
    could my granddad play but he is very old bless him he is such a darlingo_O
    the coach say thaiy have a seniors teem would he be interested mmmm yes we only knead one more for the over 60s hes not old-enough hes only 60 sixty or over young man OK he is old enough big smil on his face as he look at me:)
    me looking back:Eeek: the next thing over wander the coach i herd him we nead on more to make up a teem.
    it will kill me no it wont theirs a 75 year old granddad but i haven played since i cant remember go on give it a go.
    Don't have any boots what size are you cant remember what size boot i ware you size nine remember you bought a new pare of climbing boot last time we went to brimham rocks size 9.
    We have a few paers of them but i haven got any kit sure theirs sum thing to fit you off he go's men time hes away raking arund in the kit locker i am in the proses of strangling a 10yo
    the next thin i know i am ruining around a sodding rugby training ground with six escapes from the local old folks home.
    thurely enjoyed it and even scored a try [​IMG] :hi5:
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