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hi all

can you help i have got a tiffin allergo can someone tell me the corect tyre pressures for the front and back Keith


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The correct tyre pressure can only be determined by weighing the four corners of the coach, and using those weights while referring to the tyre manufacturer's inflation pressure. Note that the specified pressure will be different for the same load on the same tyre if it is in a rear dual position vs a single.

Do you have access to a public scale? If you can't weigh all four corners, the next best alternative is to weigh each axle, divide each number by two and fudge it up a bit to account for side to side variation in weight.

If you can't find a public scale, check the phone book to see if there's a landscape yard or contractor nearby, or maybe a hauling contractor. They often have a scale to weigh their trucks/lorries and will let you weigh your coach for a small fee.

Over-inflation will result in premature wear and poor handling. Under-inflation could result in a blowout. I've seen the results of the latter and it's not pretty.

FWIW when we took delivery of our coach, it wouldn't drive in a straight line. I checked the tyre pressures and found the dealer's mechanic had inflated them to 140 psi. Since the rims are rated at only 120 psi, it was obvious they were grossly over-inflated. I weighed the coach and determined the correct pressures to be 90 psi front and 95 psi rear. I run them at 95 and 100 respectively.

Note: I do not have a Tiffin Allegro and, even if I did, there would be no way to know if our coaches were configured the same or if we loaded them the same. My inflation pressures are given only as an example of how ill informed the mechanic was.
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Inadvertently omitted from my last message ....

In the event that weights on different wheels on the same axle are different (because one side of the coach is heavier than the other), use the higher of the two and inflate tyres on both sides to the respective pressure for that weight.

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