The Pink Granite Coast - Brittany

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    After meeting Mr and Mrs Rolfarris at Dover last Monday night, we stayed together until Honfleur and I really must thank them for the lovely fish pie Lis had made. Sandy and I are not fishy people but it was excellent and I will definitely be making this when we get home. In fact, I might not even wait till we get home.

    After they left us, we moved on to an aire at Cancale which is only a short walk to the beach and, for those who like them, there are oysters everywhere and so cheap.

    We have now arrived at an ACSI site, after a week of aires, called Du Nord and we are right on the beach. It is no more than 8 steps from the van onto white, powdery sand and blissful. My problem is do we stay here for more than 2 nights, or do we get going again since there is so much to see. I'll have to ponder this question over a glass of vin blanc. :BigGrin:

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    Stay you can always move on later.
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