The cost of servicing?

Discussion in 'Motorhome Chat' started by 2escapees, Apr 3, 2008.

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    My rig is on a Mercedes 316 chassis. As we are off to China in 14 days it needed a major and special service. The normal major service plus drain and refill gearbox and rear axle, drain and refill brake fluid and antifreeze plus new filters in oil, diesel, air, aircon. The labour cost 184€ thats about £135 and the parts plus extras I want to take with me cost just over 200€ (£166) seem good to me. How does it compare with the UK?
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    Hi Mike
    Based on a Merc dealership thats about 1/3 of the cost here
    I hope you have had extra AIR in your tyres, incase you have not checked the route you've a bit of water to cross:Rofl1:
    Bon Voyage have a safe and pleasent rip:thumb:
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    Yes I forgot to say it was done by the local Merc dealership that specialise in HGVs.

    The only water we have to cross is the short ferry ride from Venice to Igoumenista in Greece. 24 hours on board camping from then on its land all the way!
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    Sounds a fair price to me, take some belts with you as well, plus an old inner tube cut into strips. Can be most usefull in repairing hoses in an emergency plus a roll of gaffa tape!

    Good luck on your journey:thumb:

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