Swift Suntor 1998 model gear selection problems (1 Viewer)

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May 28, 2019
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Fiat Swift Suntor 1997
OK, after the kind advice on my intro, this looks like the best place to ask technical questions and I apologise if it's been covered before.

After acquiring the vehicle, drove it home along the M5, no problems. Until, that is, I started selecting downwards on the gears..going up, all fine, as is selecting reverse. Going from 3rd-2nd and it felt "solid", same when changing to 1st , in fact 1st was almost impossible.

The selector moves around freely when stationary and engine off...no sense of any form of restriction, it's only when mobile and the engine running.

Gave the linkage a squirt with WD 40 today, and applied a light covering of general purpose grease. The test begins tomorrow when we have to take it for a short trip and I'm hoping my lubrication will have worked given it had been static for some time, about 5 months it seems, before we acquired it.

My concern, is, if the lubrication doesn't work, what other potential causes could there be please and what form of diagnostic check, if any, can I carry out to try and determine the reason before it heads for a professional in a garage

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