Swift Command/Sargent Tracker - Easy to disable? (1 Viewer)

Andy F

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Feb 22, 2023
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Swift Escape 614
Hi Everyone
I've just bought a Fiat/Swift Escape 614 and got Command and Tracker systems enabled and I wonder what would happen in the following scenario: Thief breaks into the van, switches off or rips out the data package that's located in a kitchen cupboard (easy to find). Then manages to drive/tow the vehicle away without the ignition key. Is the tracker still working and would it notify the control /monitoring centre or was it not worth the £100 I've just paid?
Appreciate any answers/advice on how this all works and how useful it might be in the event of a theft. Thanks

the green vanper

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Feb 25, 2023
Silésia, Polska
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Under construction :)

I was selling GPS tracking systems for some time around 10 years ago. There are GPS jammers available on the market, small devices plugged into the cigarette lighter. They are cheap (starting from 10 - 15 USD), their usage is very simple, so I think that thieves will rather plug in such a jammer into the van than look for the system housing all around the van. The working range is about 10 meters, but of course it is possible that stronger units are also available.

The van / motorhome size and construction can be an advantage here. Use your imagination. But do not post online your solution for security reasons. Think about a second, independent system. Remember that 3G is being dismantled all around the world. 2G will also probably be (I'm not 100% sure, there are contradictory information published). LTE trackers are also available :) No need to buy a special plan, there are devices in which you just put your own LTE card and configure everything on your own.

Remember also that standard security systems are well known to thieves. They have access to such units and can do reverse engineering to learn how to disable the system. Even a simple, but atypical solution would be harder to trace / disable.

Good luck :)
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