Sterling B2B fitting to 2008 Autotrail questions.

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    Jun 3, 2013
    My first technical post but I expect one of many now I'm starting to try to make the motorhome do what I want.;)

    Following recommendations on here I bought a Sterling 120A B2B charger to fit to my 2008 A/T Arapaho but have now heard that there could be some compatibility issues between the B2B and the Sargent EC325 system. I'm hoping you knowledgeable folks can give me some tips to overcome this.

    My understanding is that I should use relays, triggered by a D+ feed, to isolate the solar and the Sargent charging inputs . I am hoping this is the same wire that triggers the satellite dish to auto retract.

    I also have a Victron BMV 702 to keep tabs on the hab and vehicle batteries.

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