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Jul 7, 2021
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dont own one yet.
So just a few numbers, we have just returned to the UK, traveled for 181 days, in those 181 days we spend 35 in the UK, de rest in Schengen area, although we have the right to do so, no one bothered to ask any questions, my wife has a UK passport , I have an NL passport, we carry a copy of our marriage certificate just in case as my wife doesn’t carry my surname, we didn’t automatically hand that over this time, just to see if people would ask questions , the French asked no questions what so ever, the British asked if we lived in the UK 😆, so make of that what you want.
We did 7000 miles in those 181 days, 8 countries, we had a great honeymoon😎🥰😎, it has wet our appetite for travel and we are looking forward to pick up our new to us MH up this week👍

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