So that is how you fix the brake squeak

Discussion in 'Motorhome Chat' started by bernardfeay, Apr 16, 2015.

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    Nov 18, 2009
    As I mentioned our back brakes had a squeak. stopped at French equivalent of Kwak fit at 6.30 prior to 7 pm closing. everybody was sweeping up and fobbed me off with an address for Euromaster.

    We parked outside Euromaster for the night only to be told in the morning that the camper was too big.

    They sent us to another Euromaster that could have doubled as an aeroplane hangar.

    They dismantled the back brakes but said they could not get the parts. They said we would have to go to fiat.

    Fiat said "can't do it today". so I bought the parts by pointing to my back wheel and indicating what I needed.

    420 euros later I was on my way back to Euromaster. lots of time and effort then they told me I had the kit for the front. They took me back to fiat for a swap.

    back at euromaster and more time and effort and another small problem. The pads were also for the front.

    another trip to fiat and now they are fitting the pads. coming up on 7 hours sorting it out.
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    What a pain in the butt for you, there was a thread on here recently about French engineering "prowess" Can't believe they had a hand in designing Concorde :rolleyes:
    Hope you get sorted out.
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