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    May 22, 2008
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    Just returned from 10 days in Scotland on our first trip in MH. Everything we thought it would be and more. Tried a little wild camping and found two spots which may have already been mentioned but we recommend them:
    1) Isle of Skye - turn right off A87 after Luib and go around Loch Ainort. There are a number of wonderful spots with wonderful views. No need to worry about turning round coz the road does meet up again with A87. Not good for the longer RV's as it gets very narrow and bendy.
    2) Orkney mainland - Head north up A967 and head for Birsay or Earl's Place. Go past Earl's Place and you arrive at the car park near the causeway to the lighthouse. We parked there with only the lighthouse for company and listened to the waves crashing on the rocks all night. Bonus was that we used little of 12v lighting coz it was still fairly light at 11pm.
    Have to say that on our travels we waved and were waved to by other MHers - not just Brits, but Dutch, Belgian and German wavers. They must all visit MHFun.

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  2. Winston_C_4ever

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    i used to live on skye and i cant think where u mean by loch ainort?
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    Its on the east side of Skye opposite Scalpay...and here's a view of the saltwater Loch.
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    oh ye i lived near dunvegan. GOOD TIMES

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