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Apr 19, 2008
Kent coast
Funster No
Rapido Merc
brought first van 16 yrs ago
Hi, you did a very comprehensive listing a couple of years back about where to park for skiing. Do you have any updates on this, in particular for the 3 Valley’s? I never got away in the end last year.
You may recall advising me to stay further down the valley, as I’d said I intend to park up at Val Thorens for the season. I am defo doing it this year and hope to buy a b654 (1995) to travel in sometime before Christmas.
I know you have a Hymer, and importantly have spent winters at resorts in it. I shouldn’t have an insulation problem should I? Considering it’s a 1995, just before the newer shape came out.
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Apr 19, 2008 1,472 1,167 Kent coastFunster No2,211MHRapido MercExpbrought first van 16 yrs ago
Today at 9:21 AM
Del i have not updated the listings for suitable ski resorts while motorhoming hopefully was relying on updaes from people who recently travel to the venues.

Haganaps has posted extensive reviews re Val thorens if you search top rihgt hand box this should throw up info for you.
The Hymer like any other van is suitable in most conditions however in extreme drops in Temperatures expect to have some issues, it is knowing how to overcome these, it is great having all the heating on including gas hob but down side expect condensation. to begin with i would try the lower sights Morillon, Samoens, vallandry even, les Gets and Morzine all in France. Hope this has been helpful.
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