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    May 29, 2013
    When I got the rear view monitor fitted it was put in place of the rear view mirror. It was very "in your face" and blocked vision thro the windscreen to a small extent. One of my pet hates is drivers who have a Sat Nav right in their field of vision !!

    Anyway, on the Mk7 Transit there is a shelf type thing in the middle of the dash which lifts forwards. I spent some time staring at this space and thought, "why not put the monitor in there on a swiveling and lifting mount?" A bit of measuring and I also realised that I could fit a Sat Nav along side it. The upshot is that I have both the Sat Nav and monitor in clear line of sight, but without intruding into my view of the road. The monitor is at a fixed angle, while the Sat Nav can move on its mounting ball, so that the passenger can also view it on the move.

    When I park up I just place the two units face down and put the shelf back over, hides them from view. When preparing to drive off, just lift and swivel them again. The wires stay permanently attached to the base units, but both the Sat Nav and monitor can lift out for storage as required.

    The pics below should show how it works, it was simply made from a lump of 2mm plate, some 8mm rod and a couple of odd bits of flat bar, only three welds on the job. The hinge is just a P clip. The rod is unpainted in most of the photos. The white foam is window draught excluder, prevents the screens from hitting the base metal.

    b.JPG c.JPG d.JPG e.JPG f.JPG g.JPG h.JPG i.JPG
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    Jul 23, 2013
    That looks amazing :) well done(y)
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    Nice one. It seems to be the week for sat nav mount modifications.

    Links to Techno (Andy's) and mine for different Fiat cabs are posted in This Thread. I can't remember if there any others.

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