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Apr 1, 2008
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:Smile: Hi there, We bought our algro RV new in 1987, travelled europe for 15 years, non stop, never had mech.problems with her,:thumb: did all the servicing and maintenance myself:thumb: HOWEVER- the DRAGON:Mad: insisted that we needed to change it for a fixed bed, saying she was getting to old to make a bed at night,personally, I think it was the consumption of alcohol:wine: so last year we sold her (not the DRAGON worst luck) and replaced her with an Sportscoach by Coachmen, now the Dragon can crawl into bed ---(hope she does not read this - I'm dead):ROFLMAO: Pics. below were taken last year when we sold her.


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Jan 4, 2008
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hi, welcome, nice rv's both but I am on the ladies side on this, you can't beat a fixed bed, especially when u have had a drink or three:Smile: you are brave I hope she doesn't see what you said, but then i am sure she will see the funny side too or you wouldn't have put pen to paper, enjoy your travels:thumb:


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