Rapido A Class Mirror Glass fix

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    Oct 20, 2010
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    After a recent clip from 'Bob the Builder' our offside mirror was damaged , the main glass shattered and the adjustment motor was damaged beyond repair.
    New motor, glass with plastic fixing plate from Brownhills cost £146.
    After renewing the parts, I found a replacement heated glass to fit to the old broken glass plastic fixing plate to keep as a spare.
    The plastic plate and glass is a Renault part which was used on the Mascott van.
    Got a heated glass from ebay

    The old shattered glass was removed from the original plate and the new glass fitted quite well, I heated the plastic plate in boiling water and the new glass just popped in under the retaining lip.
    The new glass does have adhesive stickers on it but were not needed and is very secure in the plate now it has cooled down.
    The Glass with the adhesive stickers could be also used as an 'on the road quick fix' by sticking directly on the damaged glass.
    phone imports 225.jpg phone imports 227.jpg
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