Rapido 2nd Habitation Check and 1st Mechanical Service - Good Result (1 Viewer)


Nov 19, 2013
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Rapido A CLass 10000
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Wow what a difference in vans it makes, from going from my water infested Autotrail Delaware (or watertrail as it was referred to the weekend up north) to our Rapido 10000, both times i had the habitation check with the latest one being Friday just gone and on both visits there is no concern for damp. Now that is a first and a very happy one at that.

I cant however get over the prices for these checks as the Habitation check was £330 and the Mechanical Service i think was £410 which is downright robbery. Luckily as part of my purchase i chose to have the first 2 habitation checks and 1st mechanical service as part of the deal so just handed over the vouchers and nothing to pay :). I did want a 12v wire run from the leisure battery to where the Alde heating was situated but they wanted £250 for that so that was a no no. Instead i got SAP to fit one for £60 whilst servicing the E&P jacks which i thought was very reasonable as they had to run it outside and then back in.

All in all a good weekend, the only thing they couldnt fix was the water inside the fog light (damn water again) but that is nothing and will be fixed the next time i am up that way and still under warranty as logged before it runs out next month. They have to order the fog light and it cant be sent for me to fit as it involves electrical work apparently and Rapido are cracking down on sending parts out to be fitted by non approved people (thats what i was told anyway). At least now when the warranty has finished i can go to a dealer nearer to me to get the work done as now they are getting paid they will want to take it on.

Happy motorhoming :)

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