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Discussion in 'The Beginner' started by The Ciderfarian, Sep 12, 2014.

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    Somewhere in France
    Sorry to be such a numpty but I hope someone can explain (slowly, using small words)
    I have my gas running from a UK gas bottle/uk regulator, 37mbar
    I will be needing to switch permenantly to French gas bottles.
    Do I keep the uk regulator and put some kind of adaptor onthe end to fit the French bottles OR do I switch over to a French regulator, which brings me nicely to part 2 of my question.
    If I need to buy a French regulator, are they 37 mbar so therefore a straightforward swap.I think any of the big diy stores will stock them.
    If I need an adaptor where can I buy one of these?
    Thanks for your help
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    Jun 17, 2012
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    l found to my joy that the standard regulator which fits the 4.5kg Calor bottle also fits most French bottles
    I now have 2 x 10kg butane which cost 20€50 plus 1€ deposit from Intermarche. Total Gaz also fit, the 15 kg at 34€ also fits but is 5€ deposit.
    Most newer Motorhomes have a fixed regulator which requires a pigtail to connect bottle (21.8 LH thread) to the regulator. If you use a separate regulator, then the Calor one mentioned will connect.
    Hope this was helpful and now you can concentrate on the trip.
    Bon Voyage

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