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Aug 5, 2009
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How does one go about setting up for streaming though a proxi server
I am thinking of brit tv when abroad
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There are a lot of different options, some free some not. I use Google Chrome as a browser and there is a free extension called zenmate that works OK, but most site wifi does not have the bandwidth to run any form of streaming TV.
I now use which does not need a proxy server and has the ability to record to their server and then download later, it does of course mean that you can not watch live TV.

I posted in another thread how to do this.....

Or use
Register with them, which is free, click on the programme guide and then select via the red buttons which programmes to record and they are then saved on their server. It is possible to record multiple programmes that are broadcast at the same time without even having your computer on.

Maximum of 10 hours on their server but to save and watch they can be downloaded to your computer from the 'recordings' link on their site and then deleted from their server, enabling you to record more.

Sounds a bit complicated but once you have done it a few times it is easy, I do it now on a relatively poor site wifi in Portugal. It means that I have to wait a day to watch stuff but stops others from moaning about me pinching their wifi signal by trying to stream live.

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