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    Getting the camper ready for our upcoming Portugal trip I decided to have a shuftie at doing some sort of 'stop' for the sliding door so that it can be left partially open. On our previous camper I used a bolt, nuts and washers but as I was rummaging in my 'bits' cupboard in the workshop I came across some blocks for fixing cupboard sides etc and having a shuftie at the van I decided to have a play.

    I found there was a suitable large 'hole' in the metal behind the bottom runner and trimmed half of the fixing block down - the bit with the encapsulated nut - so that it would slot into the hole and then moved across a little to prevent it being pulled back out, I left one of the 'blobs' on it so that it would keep the block in place when the front part and the bolt was put in.

    Type of block I used:

    0 Block.jpg

    I separated the block and cut off one of the 'lugs' on the side with the nut and trimmed down the bolt side:

    1 block base - lug removed.jpg

    3 blocks together.jpg

    This is the hole in the metal behind the sliding door bottom runner:

    4 Hole in door runner.jpg

    This is the block in situ - the remaining lug was put through the hole to meet up with the 'cup' on the other part of the block and the bolt was then put in and tightened up to secure it. I've tried it a few times and it doesn't budge at all.

    5 block in place.jpg

    The block allows the mechanism on the bottom runner to pass over it when the door is opened, although it does provide a stop point if it is doing gently and allowed to rest against it, however when closing the door the handle has to be pulled to lift the catch over the block so the door can't accidentally close.

    How well it will work for extended use I don't know ... I'll tell you when we get back off holiday!
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  2. Mikeco

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    Sep 26, 2013
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    Did that 4 years ago by screwing a double modesty block at the bottom, as you say you can go over it by lifting the door handle but the blocks stop the door sliding shut if not quite level. I also put one further down the track to prevent the door opening to its fullest extent.
    I just drilled a hole in the right place and used a self tapping screw.
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    Jun 12, 2016
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    I looked at making something similar for our door but ended up using a clothes peg.

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