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Discussion in 'Europe' started by EricOnTour2, Sep 9, 2008.

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    Has anyone ever been to Portugals West Coast and noticed the huge amount of free places to wild camp? Usually right next to a fantastic beach.

    We found places at Nazare, Santa Cruz, Portinho da Arrabida, Melides and Sagres - all free, all safe and all on the beach.
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    Portugal is amazing for park ups. I travelled round Portugal for three months, zig zagging my way up the country. I didn't get moved on once, there is at least one free park up in every town, and almost uncountable park ups in the rural/seaside areas. Also the people are amazing and really accepting of wild campers, unlike some places that are really suspicious.
    Couldn't recommend this country highly enough for anyone wanting a wild camping holiday.
    So does the Isle of Mull in Scotland for the same reasons.
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    Hi Guys hope you are having a great time and Eric is behaving himself :thumb:
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    Makes me want to go to Portugal even more now!! :Wink:
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    He is... just! He has a few scrapes and bruises but otherwise he's doing ok.

    One place I would not recommend wild camping in however is Marseille. We were stupid to camp there, we didn't think twice really, but we were broken into whilst away from the motorhome. :(

    We were parked right in the centre near by all the tourists, too. :Doh:
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    Does anybody know of any lists of possible wildcamping stops on the west coast, up to now we have found them by sheer luck. At the moment we are at Nazare so we are looking for places north of here, we are near to the library with a coiple of Portugese vans. Not sure if there are any other places around here as it has been raining quite a bit (can't complain as the weather has been really warm for all of February). We are staying in Portugal for another 2 weeks before heading for home so would also like to know of any places to stop on our way across Spain.

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