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May 4, 2018
North Somerset, UK
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We have had our Benimar Tessoro 486 for a year now and thoroughly enjoying every aspect of motorhoming!
BUT our TV is rubbish. We just tend to watch DVD's although in some locations in the UK the reception is ok. We took it back to Marquis several times and they made put a new booster on or similar, however its still not brilliant and we have come to the conclusion that we would like to invest in a whole new system, but its a minefield out there. We see so many people with dishes on their roofs or placed outside, we spend a lot of time in France and it would be nice to be able to pick up some Uk channels not necessarliy the full Sky works. Also I've heard that you can incorporate a router so that you can get WiFi as well. I know its all down to budget , but would just like an honest opinion about whats out there before I go to a shop where I know they will just want to sell their product. Thanks in anticipation.

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Oct 18, 2007
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With the cost of data getting cheaper all the time probably the best option is to go the streaming route, if you don't have a smart TV Android TV boxes are cheap and you can connect to any TV. The cost of a satellite dish pays for an awful of of data. Next time we change vans I wouldn't bother with a dish.
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Feb 26, 2016
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Satalite dishes work well and you dong have to constantly retune the TV but you do have to be careful where you park. If you have trees in the way you will not get a satalite signal. Streaming data would work if you can get a reliable connection. We are down in Devon at the moment and coverage for WiFi / MyFi is very patchy. You could use an Android Tablet connected to the TV via WiFi HDMI dongle. That way you can download content to your device and play it back later.

No solution is perfect so perhaps a combination would work better.

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Jan 9, 2013
Plympton, Devon
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We got the BBC, ITV etc down to Montgenevre in south east France on this trip but it is less good in the south west. This on a basic max view crank up dish.

For Internet a mifi will give you wifi and an external antenna (around £150 plus fitting) will get you a 4g signal almost anywhere but most don't bother - or know what they are missing with a proper external antenna. :)

TV does use a lot of data, up to a Gb an hour or perhaps a bit less.
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Jun 25, 2016
Ynys Môn, UK
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We are in Brittany at the moment, near Vannes, we have perfect tv reception at the moment 500+ channels all the uk ones, with a cheapo sat dish on a tripod cost about £150 all in, first time using it, previously we tethered to our iPhone but 4 g reception is marginal here.
There have been reports of Benimars with poor aerial reception where the cables are not connected, poor QC, our Benimar Mileo 243 aerial works well in the UK despite its small size.
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